• Does ProBQ support Apple (ios) and Android devices?

Yes, the ProBQ app supports android devices. The ieasybbq app supports Apple (ios) devices.

  • What is the range of the ProBQ's Bluetooth?

The ProBQ's long distance Bluetooth can maintain connections at up to 200ft.

  • What temps can the probe operate at?
Probq's temp probes can operate at 32-700 degrees Fahrenheit or 0-370 degrees Celsius
  • What do I search to find the app? (insert the batteries and open the ProBQ device before starting the app)
    1. For android products go to the play store and search ProBQ
    1. For IOS (apple products) go to the app store and search ieasybbq



    • Why is my phone not pairing with my ProBQ device or asking for a pin?
      1. Make sure your ProBQ in on (press and hold the on/off/pairing button on top of the ProBQ to turn on your ProBQ.

      2. If you have the app on your phone or device, uninstall the app from your device.

      3. Reinstall the app (make sure your ProBQ is on)

      4. Allow notification, location services and Bluetooth to be turned on if it isn't already on.

      5. With the ProBQ already on press start on the app to pair with your android or apple device.

      6. While the app is searching for the ProBQ press the button on top of your ProBQ once to pair with your device. (do not hold down the button, quickly press and release)

      7. Finally you should see the congratulation screen and your ProBQ and your device are paired and ready for cooking.



      • How do I set my own custom max temp, temperature range and timed alert settings? 

        1. Open the app and select the temp cook icon.

        2. Next select the add (+) incon.   


        3.Select whether you would like a range cook or max temp cook.

        4. Choose a name for the cook and set your temp ranges you would like to stay between. Then, press the CHECK icon to set. (if the temp goes out of the range the alert will sound)

        For max temp, set the max temp you want your probe to reach and press the CHECK icon to set (once probe reaches the set max temp an alert will sound)

        5. Once your cook temps are set, pick your newly created cook from the preset menu and press the Set Preset button to activate the preset.

        6. If you would like a timed cook press the time icon in the cook settings.

        7. Set the time to where you would like, and press the set timer button.

        8. Your custom temps and times are now set. Place your probes and get cooking.


          • What are the metal clips for?

          The clips are to slide the probes into so the probe and read the ambient air temp in your bbq, smoker or oven.

          1. Squeeze the clip at the bottom of the clip.


          2. Slide the probe into the holes in the clip while squeezing the clip at the bottom. Slide the clip to the the middle of the probe.

             3. Insert the bottom of the clip into the grill, making sure the tip of the probe is not touching anything. (the tip of the probe is what measures temp)

            • Can I change the temp reading on the app from Fahrenheit to Celsius?
            Yes, you can change the temp setting in settings.
            • Can I change language on my app?
            Yes the app can be set in English, Deutsch, Francais, Espanol, Italiano, and Nederlands.
              1. Press the settings icon in the upper right hand corner.


              2. Select language, then select the language you prefer, and press the OK button.


              • Can ProBQ be used to monitor the air temp in my oven?


              1) Place the probe in an ambient temp clip it in place on the cooking rack. (make sure the probe is not touching anything)

              2) You can monitor your oven temp using the graph function. Press the graph icon in the top right corner of the home page once your cook has started to monitor your cook.
              • Can ProBQ be used with a crock pot?
              Yes, ProBQ and its medical grade stainless steel probes were designed to handle high temps for long periods of time.
              • Can ProBQ be used with a pressure cooker?
              ProBQ should not be used with a pressure cooker. Because the probes are attached to the ProBQ the pressure cooker could sever the wires or the wires may prevent the pressure cooker from sealing.